Luxury Vinyl Tiles is an acronym for Luxury Vinyl Tiles. More information about this popular floor covering is provided by our experts.

An LVT floor may be made to seem like real wood or stone and can have any design printed on it, but it also has several practical advantages. It is made in the form of tiles or planks. Luxury vinyl flooring in Greenville SC is a fairly new product that is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options. It is frequently preferred over laminate flooring or tiles, particularly in wet situations. But now that there is laminate flooring for bathrooms that doesn’t get damaged by water, there are still a lot of good choices. It is also known as “Click Vinyl” and “luxury vinyl tiles.”

How is LVT flooring manufactured?

Multiple layers of PVC vinyl are routinely used to create luxury vinyl tiles. PVC is combined with various compounds to increase its hardness. Multiple sheets of PVC vinyl are carefully crushed and suspended in a liquid via a rolling process. This is then cured using heat and air to generate durable sheets of vinyl. The top layer can also have an embossed finish, and producers can add realism by adding a layer of depth to help simulate the grooves seen in stone or wood.

LVT floors are then coated with a clear vinyl and urethane coating to offer further protection and comfort to the finished result. They are crushed together and glued to the surface with a decorative printed vinyl coating for added comfort and warmth. Rigid LVT boards are typically thicker and incorporate a click system to facilitate DIY installation.

Green technological advancements are enhancing the creation of LVT flooring by employing recycled plastics and even wood in the core ingredients. Cork underlays are even being used by some producers in their products.

Why is LVT flooring so thin?

LVT flooring can range in thickness from 2mm to 8mm. They frequently have varying top layers ranging from 0.1mm to 0.6mm. It may not appear to be much, especially when compared to laminate floors, which are typically 7-12mm thick. Because of their great density and strength, luxury vinyl tiles are extremely thin. Because 4mm compressed vinyl is far stronger than 8mm HDF wood, there’s no need to make them any thicker. They are already more than sturdy enough to be used in high-traffic commercial installations and are frequently employed in this capacity. A thinner profile, of course, means less damage to existing fixtures like skirting and shower trays, among other things.

What is the purpose of LVT?

Because they are composed of PVC, they are perfect for usage in areas such as restrooms, kitchens, and even commercial settings such as hair salons and yoga studios. LVT is an excellent option for timber floors in areas where moisture may be an issue. The numerous layers also provide stability, ensuring that the product does not absorb moisture or expand owing to water.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

There are two major methods for installing an LVT floor. There is a loose lay click system, similar to laminate flooring installation, that requires a specific LVT underlay, and a glue down system that requires a specialist LVT glue. Both installation methods necessitate a totally level subfloor. Step-by-step instructions may be found in our article on how to Lay LVT Flooring. If you are unsure about installing, we can offer sites like Rated People, where you can find experienced LVT fitters in your area.