If your hardwood floors are beginning to show signs of wear, it may be time to refinish them! Perhaps you’re thinking about installing new hardwood floors, or maybe just refinishing or restoration.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that not all refinishing procedures are the same, nor will they yield the same results.

Pioneer Concepts personnel specialize in dustless floor refinishing and will give you with the information and assistance you require to make the most of your hardwood flooring.

If replacing your hardwood floors is out of the question, refinishing is a terrific way to restore its luster – it will remove scratches, scuffs, mild discolouration, and small dents. AGW Hardwood Floors is a company that specializes in dustless wood refinishing.

Dustless floor refinishing entails removing the old finishing off the floor with a hardwood sander, erasing faults in the finish and exposing the bare wood of your floor. This refinishing process typically generates dust particles that can be harmful to your lungs and your belongings. Traditionally, items in your home would have to be covered up or removed to avoid dust, and residents would have to vacate while their floors were refinished. Dustless floor refinishing eliminates these risks by using a containment system to remove the dust and sand from your home as soon as it is created. Sanding down your floor produces no loose dust in your home, making the entire process of refinishing your hardwood floors safer, cleaner, and faster. Dustless floor refinishing delivers a superior finished appearance because it eliminates loose particles, ensuring that no dust is trapped in the finish on your floor.

What Is the Difference Between Dustless and Sandless Refinishing and Restoration?
When considering hardwood floor installation or refinishing, avoid sandless floor refinishing. Sandless floor refinishing is frequently marketed as a dustless refinishing process. However, refinishing a hardwood floor requires sanding the old finishing off the raw wood. Put simply, if you select for a sandless restoration or refinishing option, you will not actually be refinishing your floors – in general, sandless refinishing procedures simply clean and restain your hardwood floors, instead of removing the finish. Many people who choose sandless refinishing are dissatisfied with the end result. When weighing your alternatives for hardwood flooring refinishing, keep in mind that not all options are made equal.

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