Hardwood flooring is recognized for its beauty, charm, and overall durability. Wood floors are also hygienic and simple to maintain, making them a good alternative for folks who are disturbed by dust and other irritants that become trapped in carpet fibers.

While there are numerous advantages to choose hardwood floors, some homeowners may ask if timber flooring boosts the total value of their home. While only a real estate agent can tell you whether or not renovations to your property will increase its value and by how much, there are certain things to think about when installing hardwood flooring in a home that you plan to sell in a few years.

Hardwood floors with a neutral appearance sell homes.

When listing a home for sale, many real estate brokers encourage their customers to make the decor as neutral as possible. Prospective homebuyers may struggle to imagine their own color choices and personal things in a home with an eclectic or odd appearance, so a simple yet pleasant décor often appeals to more homebuyers.

Hardwood flooring sell homes because they have a neutral appearance that appeals to a wide spectrum of consumers. A prospective buyer who enjoys a modern design and appearance in the property, for example, may not appreciate conventional berber carpeting, but will appreciate the simplicity of wood flooring! Wood floors also appeal to prospective homeowners who value traditional design, a rustic look, or a more transitional style, so solid or engineered hardwood can help you get more offers on your house overall.

Hardwood Flooring that will last for years!

People looking for a new home don’t like the idea of moving in and having to undertake substantial or even minor repairs or updates right away. Buyers prefer to overlook houses with drooping wood window sills, a crumbling roof, obsolete plumbing and electrical systems, and other components in bad repair, regardless of their other qualities or even price, in favor of homes in good shape.

This is especially true for a home’s interior floors; outdated and worn carpeting within your home can prompt a prospective buyer to swiftly move on to another property. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, lasts for years! Even if it’s a few years old, wood flooring is likely to be in good shape when you’re ready to sell your home, ensuring that you don’t lose any potential buyers due to the state or appearance of your home’s floors.

The most durable wood floors are resistant to wear and tear.

The most durable wood floors will appeal to a wide spectrum of purchasers searching for a “turn key” property, which is one in good shape, as previously said. However, many prospective homeowners want a flooring material that will look excellent long after they’ve moved in!

Even if a property has recently installed carpeting, purchasers are aware that carpet fibers can become matted down, threadbare, or otherwise worn and damaged, especially in homes with children and large dogs. They also understand that solid or engineered hardwood flooring can resist more heavy foot traffic, toy wear and tear, and other potential damage, making a property with engineered or solid hardwood floors more valuable to many homebuyers.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors Is Simple

Carpet fibers are softer underfoot than wood floor tiles, but they are renowned for trapping dirt, dust, mud, pet hair and dander, human hair and shed skin cells, insect droppings, cigarette ash, pollen, and a variety of other irritants! Regular vacuuming and consistent shampooing or steam cleaning by a professional is time-consuming and costly, but it is sometimes the only method to maintain a home’s carpets clean and sanitary.

Prospective homebuyers understand that the density of solid hardwood floors makes them more hygienic and easier to clean on a daily basis. Solid wood floors do not collect dirt and dust and often require only a little dust mopping to maintain clean. Hardwood flooring increases the value of your home in the eyes of prospective buyers who require a clean flooring surface and do not enjoy carrying a hefty vacuum around every day!

Is it possible to paint solid or engineered hardwood?

Another wonderful selling feature for hardwood floors is the ability to paint or stain solid or engineered hardwood. Before recoating, a professional flooring contractor should properly sand the floors to create a surface that will hold paint or stain properly without removing so much timber that you damage the floor slats or create grooves and swirl patterns along the floor.

Painting solid or engineered hardwood floors, on the other hand, allows you to change their appearance as much as you want, going from a light whitewash to a dark walnut stain and everything in between! While carpet can be dyed, it is not as versatile as painting or staining hardwood in terms of giving your home’s interior a new look. Prospective homebuyers may value the ability to change the design of a home’s floor relatively readily over time, making your home more appealing to them.

Hardwood is an All-Season Flooring Option!

If your property is in a weather-prone area, hardwood floor tiles are a fantastic option that many prospective homebuyers may appreciate. A dark paint or stain hue will keep the interior of your home warm in colder climes. A gray or whitewash floor color keeps a home cool and comfortable in tropical climes or areas with long, hot summers.

Prospective homebuyers may also appreciate the ability to throw a thick area rug over wood flooring during cold weather and then remove that rug during the summer to maintain the home’s floors comfortable regardless of the weather. If a homeowner changes the decor of a room throughout the year, they can change the area rugs and their new home’s flooring will always coordinate perfectly with the overall appearance of its surroundings.