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Hardwood floors are a timeless and elegant addition to any home.​! Serving Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson Counties.

If you’re considering hardwood floor installation in Greenville, SC, you’re making a wise choice.

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    Why choose hardwood flooring?

    Hardwood floors are a popular choice for homeowners in Greenville, SC, for several reasons. They offer durability and longevity, and with proper care, they can last for generations. The natural beauty of hardwood enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Moreover, hardwood floors are easy to clean, making them ideal for families with children and pets.

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    With over 15 years of experience, Pioneer Concepts, LLC provides full-service hardwood flooring to homeowners in Greer, SC and the surrounding areas.
    Our team will discuss your flooring needs with you before working on the project and won’t consider our job finished until you’re completely satisfied with the finished product.

    As top-rated hardwood floor contractors in Greer, we strive to go above and beyond to meet every client’s approval.

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    Choosing the Right Hardwood

    Before starting the installation process, it’s essential to select the right hardwood for your home. The type of wood, grade, and finish will impact the overall look and feel of your floors. Oak, maple, and cherry are some of the common choices. Consider your style preferences and maintenance requirements when making your selection.


    We always treat our clients with the utmost respect and remain professional whenever we’re hired to complete a flooring job.


    With over 15 years of experience working with hardwood floor installation in Greenville SC, our team can complete any project, no matter how big or small.

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    We offer affordable pricing for hardwood flooring jobs compared to other contractors.

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    The Environmental Benefits of Dustless Hardwood Floor RefinishingThe Installation Process for Hardwood Flooring in Greenville, SC

    In Greenville, South Carolina, the installation of hardwood flooring is a popular choice among homeowners looking to add elegance and value to their homes. The process of installing hardwood floors in Greenville follows several key steps to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting result.

    Preparation: The installation process begins with thorough preparation. This includes assessing the subfloor to ensure it is level and free of imperfections. Any necessary repairs or adjustments are made to create a solid foundation for the new hardwood flooring.

    Acclimation: Hardwood planks are delivered to the installation site and allowed to acclimate to the local humidity and temperature conditions. This step minimizes the risk of the wood expanding or contracting after installation.

    Layout and Design: The layout of the hardwood planks is carefully planned to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance. Homeowners have the option to choose various patterns, such as straight, herringbone, or diagonal, depending on their preferences.

    Subfloor Installation: In some cases, a moisture barrier or underlayment may be added to further protect the hardwood from moisture and provide sound insulation.

    Installation of Hardwood Planks: Skilled installers then proceed to lay the hardwood planks. The planks are securely fastened to the subfloor, typically using nails, staples, or adhesives, while maintaining precise alignment and spacing.

    Trimming and Detailing: Trim pieces and moldings are installed to provide a finished and polished look. These include baseboards, quarter round molding, and transition strips for doorways.

    Sanding and Finishing: The hardwood floor is sanded to a smooth and level surface, removing any imperfections or rough edges. Next, a finish is applied, which can be a stain, clear sealant, or polyurethane. This step enhances the wood’s natural beauty, provides protection, and ensures a durable and long-lasting finish.

    Cleanup and Inspection: The installation team cleans up the work area, removing any debris or dust generated during the process. A final inspection is conducted to ensure that the hardwood flooring meets the highest quality standards and that the homeowner is satisfied with the results.

    The installation of hardwood flooring in Greenville, SC, requires precision and expertise to achieve a stunning and durable end product. With the careful execution of these steps, homeowners can enjoy the timeless beauty and warmth that hardwood floors bring to their living spaces.

    Hardwood flooringThe Advantages of Professional Hardwood Floor Installation

    When it comes to installing hardwood floors, enlisting the services of professional installers offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance the final outcome. Whether you’re considering a new hardwood floor installation or replacing your existing one, here are some compelling reasons to opt for professional installation:

    1. Expertise and Experience: Professional installers are well-versed in the nuances of hardwood flooring. Their experience ensures that the installation process is seamless and accurate, from subfloor preparation to the final finishing touches.
    2. Proper Subfloor Preparation: Adequate subfloor preparation is crucial for a stable and long-lasting hardwood floor. Professionals assess and prepare the subfloor to eliminate imperfections, ensuring that the new flooring adheres securely and remains free of issues like squeaks or uneven surfaces.
    3. Precision and Accuracy: Achieving a precise fit and alignment of hardwood planks is essential for a polished appearance. Professional installers have the expertise to create intricate patterns, maintain consistent spacing, and ensure that every piece fits perfectly.
    4. Faster Installation: Professionals work efficiently, which means that your new hardwood floor can be installed more quickly. This minimizes the disruption to your daily life and allows you to enjoy your beautiful new flooring sooner.
    5. Customization: Skilled installers can offer customization options, such as unique patterns, inlays, and border designs. This allows you to personalize your hardwood flooring to suit your style and preferences.
    6. Warranty Protection: Many professional installation services provide warranties that cover both the labor and materials used. This added protection ensures that any issues or defects are addressed promptly, saving you potential future costs.
    7. Long-Term Durability: Professional installation helps maximize the longevity of your hardwood flooring. With expert techniques, proper sealing, and quality finishes, your floor is more likely to withstand wear and tear for years to come.
    8. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: The meticulous work of professional installers results in a visually stunning hardwood floor that becomes a focal point of your home’s interior. Their craftsmanship elevates the overall aesthetic appeal.

    In summary, professional hardwood floor installation offers expertise, precision, durability, and customization options that are challenging to achieve with a DIY approach. Choosing professionals for your installation not only ensures the longevity and beauty of your hardwood floor but also provides peace of mind throughout the process.